Availability and Prices

Moons House 2020 - 2021

5th January - 12th January - Booked
12th January - 19th January - £565.00                
19th January until 23rd January - £565.00
23rd January until 30th January - Booked
30th January until 6th February - £565.00
6th February until 13th February - £565.00
13th February until 20th February - Booked
20th February until 27th February - Booked 
27th February until 6th March - Booked
6th March until 13th March - £565.00
13th March until 20th March - £565.00
20th March until 27th March - £565.00  
27th March until 3rd April - Booked
3rd April until 10th April - Booked
10th April until 17th April - Booked
17th April until 24th April - Booked
24th April until 1st May - Booked
1st May until 8th May - Booked
8th May until 15th May -Booked
15th May until 22nd May - Booked
22nd May until 29th May - Booked
29th May until 5th June - Booked
5th June until 12th June - Booked
12th June until 19th June - Booked
19th June until 26th June - Booked
26th June until 3rd July - Booked
3rd July until 10th July - Booked
10th July until 17th July - Booked                    
17th July until 24th July - Booked
24th July until 31st July - Booked
31st July until 7th August - Booked
7th August until 14th August - Booked
14th August until 21st August - Booked
21st August until 28th August - Booked
28th August until 4th September - Booked
4th September until 11th September - Booked
11th September until 18th September - Booked
18th September until 25th September - £745.00
25th September until 2nd October - £745.00
2nd October until 9th October - £745.00
9th October until 16th October - Booked
16th October until 23rd October - Booked
23rd October until 30th October - Booked
30th October until 6th November - £565.00                 
6th November until 13th November - £565.00
13th November until 20th November - £565.00
20th October until 27th November - £565.00
27th November until 4th December - £565.00
4th December until 11th December - £565.00
11th December until 18th December - £565.00
21st December - 28th December - £1050.00

28th December - 4th December - £1050.00

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book.

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