How can I book a property?

You can either phone or email us at which point we will send you a link to an online booking form, should you prefer a booking form emailed or posted to you, please ask. Once we have received your filled booking form and deposit we will allocate the requested property on the dates of your choice for you. Thats it!


Are there any extra charges?

Every property is slightly different for example some may have an honesty pot for a donation towards phone calls. Others may charge extra for logs (where there is an open fire/woodburner). Pets may require an extra charge. If in doubt please give us a call!


Are Towells and Linen provided?

Linen and bath towells are provided but please bring your own beach towells.


When are the changeover days?

Usually Friday to Friday or Satuarday to Satuarday. If in doubt please give us a call!


Can I book my holiday on a different day than the designated changeover day?

Every property is different, in the more popular summer months the owners generally like to stick to the designated changeover days to keep the occupancy to a maximum. However we will try our best to accommodate your needs, please give us a call!


What facilities are there?

The facilities should be listed in each property description. However if in doubt please give us a call!


Is there internet access?

Every property is different and this should be stated in the property description. If you are unsure please give us a call!


Can I bring my pet?

Every property is different, this should be listed in the property description. If you are unsure please give us a call! Where pets are allowed some properties may charge a small extra charge.


What is the damages deposit?

This is a deposit we take for most properties on behalf of the owner and will withhold repayment if the owner requests us to do so. It covers instances of damage to the property. Normally we will repay this to you one week after the departure of your holiday. We retain the right to increase the damages deposit if the owner asks us to or at our own discretion.


Can we change the names/people who come after we have booked?

Generally yes, we will require in writing the changes to your booking prior to your holiday so to not over subscribe the accommodation. Please phone us in any such instance so we can check the accommodation will still suit your needs.


Whats provided?

There are often a few dry ingredients left in the property such as salt and pepper (we do not take any responsibility for the use by dates on any consumables left in properties). However each property is different if you would like to know exactly what is left in each property please give us a call. Some properties also leave a welcome pack which will usually include tea and coffee. Again if you would like to know more please give us a call.


Can we smoke in the properties?

Generally no. This should be stated under the property description. If in doubt give us a call.


What if we're not happy?

If you find anything wrong please tell the owner or their caretaker immedietly, they will be anxious to put it right. If this is not the case or you can't get hold of them please give us a call and we will try our best to resolve any issues that may occur.


Do we need to clean the property before we leave?

Yes please, while the properties get cleaned on each cangeover day there is usually only a few hours in between each booking. If the property is left in an undisirable condition it can be a terrible struggle to get the property ready in time fot the next guests.


Is there anything else we should know or be prepared for?

Many of our properties are in rural locations and shops may be a drive away, please bring or arrange any groceries to be delivered particularly for the first few days.


Many of the roads here are small country lanes that are often narrow, please be willing to reverse to the nearest passing place if you happen to be the closest. These lanes are not usually lit by artificial light, can be muddy particularly in bad weather and are often impassable in the event of snow. Please allow extra time to get where you need as a mile on country lanes can take ten minutes or more.


We think that covers most things but if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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